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Occasionally there are times when a tree needs to be removed.  Whether it be for safety reasons, trees with severe damage, or clearing an area for new construction, Lavallee Tree Service can use a number of methods to safely remove the tree with minimal to no impact on your property.  If a hazardous tree is threatening your property, please do not hesitate to give us a call.
Our professional arborist can remove dead, broken, hazardous or diseased limbs; clear limbs over homes, structures and power lines; improve sight lines or visibility, all while promoting the long-term health of the tree.  Insurance companies will often request overhanging limbs be removed from your property so as to avoid future damage to your home.
Sometimes an otherwise healthy tree may need additional support for a weakened or damaged limb or split trunk.  Cabling or bracing may be an option rather than removing the limb or tree itself.  This will provide additional support to the tree so it will be less likely to fail during inclement weather.  We will come on-site to visually inspect the tree to discuss all possible options with you.
After a tree removal has been performed, often times an unsightly stump is left behind.  Lavallee Tree Service can grind these stumps below ground level so no trace of the prior tree is noticeable, whether for landscaping purposes or to improve your lawn area.  We also go a step above most other tree companies and fill the remaining hole with loam.
Following severe storms, Lavallee Tree Service's first priority is responding to clients to provide emergency services including removing trees from houses, clearing roads and driveways, and the pruning or removal of trees that could lead to additional damage or injury.  We will service clients outside of our regular business hours for emergency services, and urge you to call us at any time if this is the case.
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